GeReg, the only ready-to-deploy commercial solution of its kind, speeds up time to market and simplifies the delivery of citizen and government services. It serves as the foundation for government clouds, smart government, and smart city efforts.

GeReg has an integrated workflow architecture and is powered by a strong workflow engine. In spite of complex departmental and ministerial processes, this, along with industry standard interfaces for interaction with other public systems, enables speedy addition of bespoke services. GeReg comes with pre-built templates for management and registration. Users and administrators can log in from anywhere thanks to the solution’s multiple location feature, which allows each instance to be customized.

GeReg can be used by governments to launch any services. Examples of use cases include, but are not limited to:

  • Any registration, student, vehicle, marriage, employee, patient etc.
  • Taxes, excise, toll collection
  • And Government to Citizen (G2C) service via customization from InfoTech Consulting Services

GeReg, now in its third iteration, can handle millions of daily transactions and boasts industry-leading stability and uptime. It is incredibly simple to use and maintain because to a GUI-based dashboard.

Smarter governments will drive economic progress in the ensuing decades with an ecosystem of intelligent, amiable, constantly accessible, and citizen services. To make this vision a reality, a smart government solution built on GeReg is essential.