Banking Sector

The state of banking in emerging markets is exciting. Banks must uphold extremely high standards of customer service, personalization, and industry knowledge as they pursue growth through alternative distribution channels, expand services to small and medium-sized clients, and maintain their customer base in a world that is becoming more and more competitive. Treasury service sophistication and risk management innovations are becoming increasingly important, but they must be balanced by perfect internal and external execution.

BDD has a history and experience working with banks to manage growth while juggling the complexity of information technology, security threats, regulatory and compliance requirements, and customer exposure to more options who increasingly rely on digital media for securing decisions—a medium where every banking infraction goes viral.

BDD helps banking customers build an application layer that innovates and delivers best-in-class services, facilitates wise executive decision making, and ultimately secures greater customer lock-in by understanding their customers, their strategic bets on growth, and their services-oriented architecture. We collaborate with you to develop and carry out a technology plan that enables you to accomplish all of these objectives.