About Us

We are one of the fastest growing informaon technology groups in the Zimbabwe. Having delivered major mulmillion dollar projects in important vercals across Zimbabwe for over two decades, Blue Dot is the go to partner for soluons that enrich companies.

BDD access to the fastest growing business segment, we have an unsurpassed breadth of capabilies; assisng more than 1,000 professionals helping companies of all sizes solve real business problems and create new business opportunies. Our soluons are customized because they have our customers at the center. Backed by ffanatal support, in depth expert of consultants, and robust communicaon that permeates all phases of the project, working with the BDD team is a partnership that transforms organizaons.

Having done some of the most complex implementaons in some of the largest companies in emerging markets, Blue Dot knows how crical the informaon technology environment is to the core funconing of an enterprise. BDD is known by its end users for approaching implementaons not as projects but as game changing inials that re-invent enre companies.